The scheme replaced an existing rural house with a new dwelling which incorporated an existing engine house. The site was the location of the Chambers brick-making works which dated back to the 1850’s. The original engine room and chimney, the last of its kind in east Swale, remains on the site and is a distinctive local landmark.


The industrial architecture of the engine shed and the sewer pump house became the design generator. The use of heavy masonry, sheet metal roofing and heavy doors and shutters created a style of industrial chic. The engine shed becomes an open vaulted structure containing an open plan living and dining room with a screened kitchen at one end. Down one side a colonnade forms a gallery area which is served by a new entrance and stair contained within a timber clad drum or ‘silo’. This provides a pivot or hinge on which to access the new extension which contains bedroom accommodation.


The scheme was strongly supported by Faversham Town Council who described it as ‘an attractive design’.